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Hello, I am Wouter Cyx

Senior engineer.
Policy expert.

Wouter Cyx

Education & work experience

Wouter Cyx obtained his masters degree in industrial sciences – electromechanics in 2008 at the Catholic College University Kempen (KHK). In 2014, he obtained his masters degree in Public Management at the University of Antwerp – Antwerp Management School. Besides this, he holds several other certificates in energy & safety management competences.

He started his professional career in 2008 at VITO as researcher in energy performance of buildings. He worked on several policy related projects for both regional as European instances. The focus was initially on projects for the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives. In the mean while, his expertise expanded to the divers aspects of sustainable buildings and living.

Beside this research work he was a Visiting Lecturer at the College University of Brussels for the courses “energy performance of buildings” during 2009 - 2013.

At the beginning of 2011, he started as a project leader and consultant in energy & climate (speciality buildings) for the city of Antwerp. His task was to co-develop and manage strategic energy projects like the development of district heating in Antwerp. He was e.g. the project leader for the development and implementation of the first new district heating system in Antwerp at the “Nieuw Zuid” city development project.

For the past years, expansion of district heating and the development of a GIS-based strategic energy vision were other key activities to achieve the city’s ambitions regarding energy & climate.